Initial electrology school license

This page explains the steps to get a license as an electrology school. It describes the process for both in-state and out-of-state schools. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the board.

Get a license as an electrology school

  • 1

    Gather documents for your application

    Gather the following documents, which you'll submit with your application form.

    1. Anticipated floor plan. We'll need a copy of a floor plan for the school. That way, we can make sure the facility is adequate to accommodate students.
    2. Equipment. Collect information about the equipment students will use during practical education. You'll need the following information:
      • Type of equipment;
      • Manufacturer;
      • Description of how the equipment will be used;
      • Year the equipment was purchased; and
      • Date of the last maintenance.
    3. Curriculum. You'll submit a copy of the school curriculum, which will need to comply with the board's curriculum rule.
    4. School manual. We'll need a copy of the school manual of instruction.
    5. Instructor information. You'll provide a list of your instructors, with their names, qualifications, and teaching experience or education.
    6. Student contract. Provide a copy of the student contract required by board rule.
    7. School objectives. You'll provide a statement that describes the school's overall objectives, so you'll want to have this information on hand when you prepare the application.
    8. Refund policy. If your school has a refund policy - regardless of what it might be - you should have that on hand when you prepare the application.
    9. List of library resources. Have a list available of the textbooks and audio/visual aids you'll use for student instruction.
    10. Copies of brochures or advertising materials. Have copies of any brochures, promotional materials, or advertising you'll be using. If the advertising is in non-printed form, such as a website, you can have a list with that information.
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    Submit the application

    Complete the license application and mail it with the following:

    • The documents listed in the previous step; and
    • A check, cashier check, or money order made out to North Carolina Board of Barber and Electrolysis Examiners. The amount will depend on whether your school will be in-state or out-of-state.
      • In-state application: $400.00
      • Out-of-state application: $500.00

    Please send the application to:

    7001 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-7000

    Forms for schools and apprenticeship programs

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    Board review

    The board staff will conduct a review after it receives the application. If there are any deficiencies, we'll notify you. 

  • 4

    Receive your license

    After your application is complete and you meet the qualifications for a license, you'll receive your license. Please make sure your mailing list is up to date!

    Don't forget that you'll need to renew the license annually.