Initial electrology apprenticeship program

This page explains the steps to get approval for an electrology apprenticeship program. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the board.

Get approval for an electrology apprenticeship program

  • 1

    Carefully review the electrology apprenticeship manual

    We've developed a manual that explains all the requirements for electrology apprenticeship programs. We strongly recommend that you carefully review it before submitting an application.

    Electrology apprenticeship program manual

  • 2

    Identify your personnel

    When you submit the application, you'll need to list the program personnel. You'll need the following.

    1. Owner(s). The program will have one or more owners who need to be listed on the application.
    2. Instructor(s). There will need to be at least one individual authorized as an instructor for the electrology apprenticeship program. Please note that the authorization for an apprenticeship-program instructor is different from a license for an electrology-school instructor. Although a person can be authorized as an instructor for an electrology apprenticeship program and licensed as an instructor for an electrology school, the authorization isn't the same as the license.
  • 3

    Develop the program handbook and enrollment agreements

    Each program must provide a handbook to students upon enrollment. The program must also provide the board a copy before enrolling students. The program handbook must contain the following information:

    1. Enrollment agreement;
    2. Schedule of fees, including any monetary penalties;
    3. Reimbursement policies;
    4. Program rules and requirements;
    5. Tardiness and absenteeism policies;
    6. A copy of the curriculum, which must meet the requirements in the board's curriculum rule;
    7. An explanation of how the curriculum content will be delivered, such as through online modules; and
    8. The grading system for the curriculum.

    While you don't need to have this handbook before submitting an application, you still develop it as far in advance of student enrollment as possible.

  • 4

    Make sure you have the necessary equipment

    Electrology facilities that offer an apprenticeship program must have all the following equipment onsite. Please make sure you have this equipment in place before the inspection. Otherwise, your program will fail inspection and the board may deny the application.

    1.  A high frequency or thermolysis (short wave) machine;
    2. A galvanic/thermolysis (blend) machine;
    3. A 13.5 MHz epilator;
    4. A 27 MHz epilator;
    5. A treatment table;
    6. Two stools or adjustable chairs for each treatment table;
    7. A supply cabinet for each treatment table;
    8. Six dozen epilation forceps (tweezers) that meet the requirements set forth in 21 NCAC 06V .0105(c)(2);
    9. At least one holding tank for epilation forceps (tweezers) at each electrology station;
    10. A sharps container for each electrology station;
    11. At least one FDA-approved dry heat sterilizer or autoclave;
    12. At least one ultrasonic cleaner;
    13. Illumination and magnification equipment to aid with electrology services;
    14. A sink with running hot and cold water within the office or suite where the electrology apprenticeship program is located and not shared with other businesses;
    15. Toilet facilities on the same floor as the practical training area; and
    16. An electronic or punch-card time clock to record student hours.

    You also should make sure that you label all bottles and containers with electrology equipment. The labels should indicate the contents of the bottles and containers. 

  • 5

    Submit the application

    Complete the license application and mail it with the following:

    • The documents listed in the previous step; and
    • A check, cashier check, or money order for $100.00 made out to North Carolina Board of Barber and Electrolysis Examiners.

    Please send the application to:

    7001 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-7000

    Forms for schools and apprenticeship programs

  • 6

    Board review

    The board staff will conduct a review after it receives the application. If there are any deficiencies, we'll notify you. 

  • 7

    Prepare for your inspection

    Once the board staff determines that there aren't any application deficiencies, the staff will schedule an inspection of your program facility. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that the facility meets all requirements in statute and rule, including the equipment requirements discussed above.

  • 8

    Receive your program approval

    If you pass inspection, you'll get notification that your program is approved, and you can begin enrolling students. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date!