Initial barber shop license

This page explains the steps to get a license for a barber shop. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the board.

Get a license as a barber shop

  • 1

    Review the requirements for barber shops

    The board has a checklist to help you make sure your shop will meet our requirements. We encourage you to review this checklist before building your space so that you don't run into problems after construction is finished.

    New shop inspection checklist

  • 2

    Identify a licensed barber manager

    You'll need to identify a licensed barber who will be responsible for making sure your shop complies with our regulations after you open. We call this person the "licensed barber manager." This person doesn't need to manage all aspects fo your business; for example, they don't have to be a manager who makes hiring and firing decisions. Instead, this is one of the people we'll hold responsible if we conduct an inspection and find violations of our laws.

    Note: apprentice barbers cannot serve as licensed barber managers. The term "licensed barber" refers to a specific license type. Before January 1, 2023, this person used to be called a "registered barber," and some barbers like to use the term "master barber."

    Verify a barber's license

  • 3

    Decide what fee you'll pay up front

    This doesn't mean you get to decide the fee, but you only have to pay one fee when you submit your application. As discussed below, there are advantages to paying all fees up front, so read this step to decide whether you pay to pay the full $170, or whether you want to pay $120 up front and the remaining $50 later. 

    Before you can open, you must submit two fees:

    • Inspection fee of $120
    • Permit fee of $50

    You only have to pay the inspection fee up front, but you won't be able to operate until you pay the permit fee. Sometimes, we can issue a temporary authorization to operate before we conduct our inspection. We won't allow you to operate, even on a temporary basis, until you pay that permit fee. If you want to avoid any delay, we recommend paying the full $170.00 up front.

  • 4

    Submit the application (even if you're not ready to open!)

    You can submit the barber shop permit application anytime, even if you're not ready to open. In fact, we recommend that you submit the application as soon as possible. We won't conduct an inspection until you're ready to operate, so it's OK if you submit an application early. But by submitting the application early, you won't have any delay in opening.

    You have two options to submit the application:

    • Online. This option allows you to submit all information and pay your fee(s) through a website. We encourage you to submit online because it's faster - you don't have to wait for the mail to be delivered, and you don't have to wait for us to manually process the application.
    • Paper. We know that some people don't like to submit things online, and you can submit a paper application. However, please note that this option will be slower. If you're in a rush, you'll want to submit the application online.

    Forms for barber shops

  • 5

    Your application will be assigned to an inspector

    Our office staff will assign your application to an inspector based on county. (If you submit the application online, the assignment will be automatic.) That inspector will reach out to you to schedule an inspection and possibly to discuss temporary authorization to operate (see the next step)

  • 6

    Temporary authorization to operate

    Like a lot of government agencies, we have limited staff and can't always conduct inspections as quickly as we'd like. But we don't want that to stop you from being able to run your business. In some cases, we can give you temporary authorization to operate while you wait for us to conduct the inspection. You're not guaranteed to be offered this temporary authorization, especially if the inspector can schedule the inspection quickly. But it's a common way we handle our caseloads.

    As discussed above, we won't offer this option if you didn't pay both the $120 inspection fee and the $50 permit fee. Although you're not required to pay the $50 permit fee, you may want to do so if you want this temporary authorization.

    When your application is assigned to the inspector, he or she reaches will contact you and discuss the steps to get temporary authorization. 

  • 7

    We'll conduct an inspection

    An inspector for the board will conduct an inspection of your shop. The requirements for shops are in our statutes in rules, and all shops are judged by the same standards.

    For first step in this process, we encouraged you to review the New Shop Inspection Checklist. This may be a good time to review the checklist again and make sure you meet all the requirements.

    New shop inspection checklist

  • 8

    Pay your permit fee (if you haven't already)

    If you paid your permit fee up front (the full $170), you can skip to the next step. But if you pass inspection and haven't paid your permit fee, you must do that before we can issue the permit.

    If you submitted your application online, you can go back online again and pay the permit fee after you pass the inspection. If you submitted a paper application, you'll need to mail us the remaining $50 fee.

  • 9

    Get your permit

    Once you've paid all fees and pass inspection, we'll mail you the permit. You should receive it within a week, so be sure to contact us if you don't get it within that amount of time.

    Be sure to keep your permit displayed at all times, and don't forget to renew the license before it expires!